How to Fix Cracked Laptop Touch Screen

Usually, people are too sensitive about their devices, especially their mobile phones and laptops. Sometimes even if you are very careful with your device, you may be wondering how to fix a cracked laptop touch screen. But do keep this fact in mind that just because your laptop touch screen is cracked doesn’t mean that it cannot be fixed or the laptop is useless.

You can fix your cracked laptop screen but you should know that repairing your touch screen is not always the easiest task and there are possibilities that you may exacerbate the problem especially when it comes to fixing a touch screen. Only embark on the process of repairing your cracked touch screen if you completely trust your skills and abilities. In this article, we will discuss the perfect way to fix cracked laptop touch screens and will also look upon other important things that should be considered while fixing the laptop touch screen.

What happens when a Laptop Touch Screen is Cracked?

The liquid crystal material breaks down and ink splotches that help to form display begin to leak out of the glass from the cracks. Even if the glass shell sticks to the screen and the liquid ink or crystals are refilled, the thousands of transistors present with crack are severely cut off and cannot be repaired. The materials in the touch screen are of nano size and replacing or fixing them is like doing impossible neurosurgery.

There are some touch screens that can be replaced separately from the LCD module but with the advancement in technology, the touch screen is becoming thinner and being included within the LCD module. In these types of cases, you will have to replace the touch screen with the LCD. But replacing the screen is a far better idea than replacing the whole laptop. If you replace the screen, your settings, files, personal data, and all the information on your laptop will be accessible and you will get the laptop you are used to.

What to do if the Laptop’s Touch Screen is Cracked?

There are possibilities that the touch screen may not be the actual issue and some other hardware or software malfunction is causing trouble. These tests are essential because if the touch screen is not the actual problem then you will face the same problems even after wasting your time and money on replacing the screen.

Connect to Other Monitor:

The very first thing is to make sure that the laptop is working properly and the touch screen is the only problem you need to resolve. Connect your laptop with any other monitor through an HDMI or VGA cable and see if the laptop is working flawlessly.

Test the Graphics Card:

If the laptop passes the above test then you should do a graphics card test. A damaged graphics card can also be a problem because the screen will not be enough for the computer to reboot. Also, test other major components of the laptop as well that contribute mainly to the display. You can check the graphics card easily by inserting it into another computer or by pressing some short keys that can be found easily on the internet.

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Fixing Cracked Touch Screen without Replacement?

If the touch is still working and the cracks are not that bad then you can use some liquid adhesive or other remedies such as sandpaper, plastic bag, etc. But using these types of materials on the screen may fix the problem at that time but it will not last long. Especially for the touch screen, replacement is the only option because cracks on it cannot be repaired. A replacement screen can be purchase at Amazon.

How to Replace a Cracked Laptop Touch Screen?

Follow the instructions step by step and you will be able to replace the cracked screen as a DIY project.

  • Disconnect the laptop from all power supplies. Remove the battery from your laptop to cut off its only power source as well.
  • There will be stickers on each side of the laptop screen. There could be a tiny protrusion at the bottom of the screen cover as well.
  • Insert sharp pliers or needles into the stickers or protrusions to remove the cover. Be careful while removing the cover and don’t forget to mark the front side of the cover so that you can assemble it again perfectly.
  • Now you will see the screws on the display unit that can be removed using a small screwdriver. Make sure that you place the laptop in a position that supports the opposite side of the display unit because it will prevent damages when unscrewing. 

            * Put all screws in a small glass or something so that you don’t lose them. *

  • After removing all the screws, gently pull out the display screen from the plastic bezel. This part should be done with extreme care to protect wires and other parts from damages.
  • At the point where the screen frame is almost removed, you will find a metal box or casing that is wrapping the screen. Tilt the screen in a diagonal direction to take out from the metal casing. After the screen is removed, wires will be visible to you.
  • There will be two basic connections, the first one will be a video contact while the other one will be an inverter connection for power. Release the inverter cable first and then unplug the wire associating the computer and the display screen.
  • Now just palace the new screen at the right place and plug in all the links and screw them properly.
  • Make sure that you follow the same procedure while installing the screen because everything should be placed from where it was removed.

Once you have tightened the external casing, it’s time to check the new screen. Put the battery back into the laptop and turn the laptop on. Change colors and different themes on the new screen to make sure that the screen is installed properly.


Is it worth replacing a cracked screen?

Yes, the cracked screen should be replaced because the display screen is just a component of the laptop and throwing the laptop because of its single damaged component is not the right decision.

Can I replace the screen by myself?

If you have the required tools and you are confident in your skills then you can get this job done. Make sure that you perform each step carefully.

How do I know that the screen is cracked?

If your screen has black/grey lines, patterns, or dots or your laptop is not sensing your touch, it clearly means that your display screen is cracked and you need to fix it.

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