How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually? Editor Recommendation

To use Laptop anywhere and anytime you have to charge its battery after some hours. Things can get out of your hand if your laptop’s battery breaks down or refuses to charge because of some reason. If you are working on a business or college assignment, the situation may get worse. You can lose all your confidential data by wasting all your hard work and reputation. Break down of batteries is not only disturbing, but it can also be a major waste of valuable time. We will guide you step by step on how to charge a laptop battery manually?

At that time, if you don’t follow the proper steps, you may face many problems. For example, you may need to completely replace your battery or may get fired from your job. In a nutshell, losing access to your laptop can be a serious problem forcing you to spend money to take immediate action. To get rid of this in the best way possible, you should consider charging your laptop battery manually or externally.   

Charge Laptop Battery via USB-C Port.

Charging laptop batteries with a USB port is considered the easiest and most efficient method. Usually, a laptop has 2 to 3 USB ports, but only a Type C USB port can be used for charging purposes. Port type A was only designed to supply power out from the laptop, and type B came into existence with the advanced high-tech properties of transferring data and receiving the power as well.

USB Type C

To remove the hassles and to make the manually charging process easy, a Type C port was designed that can take in the power with full efficiency and can charge the laptop manually.

  • You can use your mobile phone or any other smart device as a power source.
  • Connect your phone and laptop with a USB data cable of Type C.
  • Your phone will automatically supply the power to your laptop.

Charge Laptop Battery via External Battery Charger.

The external charger is powerful enough to charge your laptop battery without using the original charger. External chargers come in the market with their specific model and brand so that you can find one that is completely compatible with your laptop battery. Using an external charger is safe, and there are no risks of damaging the battery or laptop.

Do keep this fact in mind that an external charger is not connected to the laptop directly, but you have to remove the battery from the laptop to charge it.

  • Remove the battery from the laptop and plug in the external charger to it.
  • After plugging the cable in the battery, connect the other side of the charger with your electric outlet such as a socket.
  • When you feel the battery is fully charged, plug out the charger and install the battery into the laptop again.
  • Before purchasing an external charger, make sure that the charging connectors of the battery and charger match.
  • It is recommended to read charger specifications as well.

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Charge Laptop Battery via Universal Power Adapter.

Probably the easiest way to restore a dead battery is to use a universal power adapter. However, you should use this technique with caution for safety reasons. As you know what laptop manufacturers create batteries that are compatible with their own specific adapters.

Using a third-party adapter could be dangerous. There could be a risk of damaging the battery, laptop, or any other components. Therefore, try to charge the laptop battery manually.

  • Universal adapter is only compatible with some models of the laptops, therefore study its features to see whether it is compatible with your device or not.
  • If it is compatible, just plug in the charger to your laptop and it will start charging it by supplying sufficient power.
  • You may not find specific adapters for your device in the market because most of them are only compatible with Chromebook, HP laptops, DELL laptops, and Lenovo laptops.
  • You can also find the adapter that is compatible with your device by reading customer reviews on the products.

Charge Laptop Battery via an AC Adapter.

This is an amazing way to charge the laptop battery. People usually think that it can only be used to charge the battery that comes with an AC adapter hookup. If your laptop battery doesn’t have an AC adapter hookup, just go to an electric store or search online for a connector and you can use it to charge your laptop manually. 

  • You are only required to plug in the charger to the AC adapter hookup on the battery, and the charging process will start without any hassle.

Charge Laptop Battery via Solar Energy Charging Kit.

Solar energy is gaining too much popularity in terms of a major source to get electrical power. As the world is advancing, companies are manufacturing solar energy kits that can help you to charge your laptop battery without any hassle. This method is also recommended by experts because it is an eco-friendly and easy-to-use method.

solar energy charging kit
  • There are specially designed and assembled solar energy kits that consist of solar panels.
  • These solar panels receive energy directly from the sun and convert this energy into usable electrical power.
  • Newly designed kits are much more efficient, small, portable, and foldable. These features allow you to keep your solar kit with yourself wherever you go.


How to charge a laptop battery without an adapter?

A power bank is one of the best and efficient things that can be used to charge the laptop. It works as an extra battery for your laptop.

Will charging the laptop in the car affect the car’s battery?

Laptop doesn’t require a lot of power to get charged. Therefore, charging your laptop in a car will not drain its battery.

The Bottom Line.

The battery is one of the major and sensitive components of your laptop, therefore it is recommended to take good care of it. To increase the life of the battery, experts suggest using the original charger that comes with the device. If you face a situation when you have to charge the battery manually then you should consider one of the above-mentioned techniques to get the job done in the best way possible. You can use any of these methods, but you should choose the one that is compatible and matches your battery’s specifications.

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