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Before Buying Your Best Gaming Laptop 2021 | Editor Choice

While reading the title of this article it is pretty much clear about what my discussion is going to be, I believe that I need to share something about my gaming routine before that. This is because you guys should definitely be given a convincing reason to rely on my suggestions in this article about things to consider before buying your best laptop 2021 editor choice so far.

So first things first, there hasn’t been a single weekday in my life when I have not spent an average of at least 2-3 hours daily on playing video games. And I called my weekday gaming sessions as mock trials for my weekends. This is because my gaming craze would on certain weekends extend to non-stop consumption of 8-10 hours of my day in just playing video games.

How I did this. The answer is simple.

I did what anyone else would have done. I played video games on my smartphone during commute time or even during boring lectures in order to stay awake, or with friends and family on gaming consoles but most importantly my favorite way was to spend some alone time in my room playing video games on my gaming laptop.

What I saw as a devotion of time to my gaming passion, was literally considered by many as absurd and a waste of time. But I think that’s okay.

Things to look out for in a gaming laptop

In my video gaming experience, one clear and obvious thing which I have learned is that you ought to be extra careful when buying a gaming laptop.

Before Buying Your Best Gaming Laptop 2021

Remember that a gaming laptop can in no way be an equivalent of other game playing platforms such as your smart phone and gaming consoles.

This is because while non-PC games are made in accordance with the available and predetermined hardware configuration, PC games do not follow any standard hardware configuration rules and in an attempt to become better and better with each software update, often require expensive hardware upgrades as well.

So helping you guys buy a gaming laptop with the hardware potential able to survive for a longer time period before requiring any significant upgrade, I have briefly compiled here a list of things that I myself pay most attention to while choosing a new gaming laptop.

1. Looking for the best graphic cards.

Your search begins with finding the gaming laptop that offers the best GPU option within your budget.

Of course, the fun and the purpose of playing a video game remain incomplete without the ability to clearly visualize every minor and major detail available on your screen during the gameplay.

While a few games work well by using your CPU graphic card, most games today require extra powerful graphic cards such as those offered by Nvidia GeForce.

The key here is to look for what additional graphic card your gaming laptop has and how capable it is.

2. Built-in display options.

Screen tearing, ghosting and not being able to view most visual details available on your screen at any given time during a game session, can be an issue you might face while playing a high-end video game.

  • Screen size.

To avoid this problem, always lookout for a gaming laptop with a bigger display size, at least not less than 15 or 17 inches, and with a resolution preferably not less than 1920 by 1080 dpi.

Screen refresh rate.

In addition to the above, your screen refresh rate is also important so that you remain aware of the changing details during your gameplay. The screen refresh rate should support your screen resolution.

If you plan to buy the minimum 1920 by 1080 dpi resolution, a 60Hz screen refresh rate would be enough. But if your screen resolution exceeds this, for example a 2560 by 1440 or a 3840 by 2160 dpi, you might consider buying an FHD display which offers screen refresh rates of 144Hz and 240Hz for a smooth gaming experience.

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3. RAM and storage, now vs later.

While considering the pre-installed capacity of RAM and storage space is essential, the option to upgrade them for future game needs and which can work in consistency with other components like your graphic card, should never be ignored.

This is because RAM and storage space are the two things that often become outdated or insufficient to support the latest game versions. It also happens that sometimes you become so fond of using your existing gaming laptop that you do not feel like replacing it just for the sake of a hardware upgrade.

  • RAM

Initially, buying at least an 8 to 16GB of pre-installed RAM is a must with an option to upgrade as and when required.

  • Storage medium

On the other hand, choosing between the right storage medium is also important for a smoother game play since your game data is installed on and read from your hard disk. So whether it is HDD or SSD that is pre-installed on your prospective gaming laptop, how huge it is and can it be replaced for more capacity and better performance are the things to ask.

Most laptops come with an HDD type storage which is quite slower when compared to SSD storage.

In terms of price difference while keeping all other things constant, most brand gaming laptops with a 1TB of HDD storage, costs as much as a gaming laptop with 256GB of SSD storage.

4. Checking your gaming laptop’s keyboard.

gaming laptop keyboard

Obviously any new beginner will also be aware of the significance of having the right keyboard for optimum performance during game mode. Therefore, the keyboard of your gaming laptop should be tested beforehand for the following factors.

  • Key throw

Key throw or travel means how much can the keyboards keys need to be pressed in order to count a hit. This is also important when you have to repeatedly press a single key.

  • Key sensitivity

This means how sensitive the keys on your keyboard are. Do they require a hard press to count as a stroke or just a light press is enough.

  • Gaming keys

Some gaming laptops come with additional sets of keys that can be programmed to perform the special functions in any game.

  • Anti-ghosting

Sometimes it is not a single key but a combination of keys that is required to carry out a task, for example activating a series of options in flight simulator to take-off or land an airplane.

Hence, can the keyboard of your gaming laptop register multiple key strokes simultaneously or not should be checked.

5. Check brand reviews.

Learning from the experience of other gamers can play an important role in finding the right type of laptop within your budget for your current and future gaming needs.

Check out posts on social media and forums and ask for suggestions from pro-gamers to share their experience and how they distinguish each brand of gaming laptops based on its pros and cons.

End thoughts.

Believe it or not, out of all the different devices that anyone could play video games on, the level of experience and enthusiasm you get from playing on your gaming laptop or PC is totally unique and unmatchable.

Variety of hardware configuration with which gaming laptops are built, it can be pretty daunting for well-experienced gamers as well to select the right one that best suits their gaming needs.

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